Andi Mack Season 1: Top 10 Fun Facts (Mack Facts!)

June 25, 2017

Learn some of the most interesting fun facts behind Disney Channel's amazing hit series: Andi Mack.


Andi Mack Season 1: Full Season Recap/Review

June 24, 2017

Captain Sean looks back at every single every episode of Andi Mack Season 1 as he reviews and recaps every step of this series' first amazing stories.


Andi Mack Episode 12: Best Surprise Ever Review | Bowie Will Ask Bex to Marry Him?

June 23, 2017

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The Wonder Years - Series Review

June 17, 2017

Today: it's my special review on the classic 80's/90's show: The Wonder Years. What was good about it? What was bad about it? Find out in my review which honestly contains some pretty mixed feelings.


Andi Mack Episode 11: Were We Ever? Review | Odd But Still Solid

June 16, 2017

In the eleventh episode of the Andi Mack series we get a story that gives us the biggest shift in a narrative point for the show thus far, in a tale that while is a bit jarring in respect to the rest of the series, still is a solid story.


The Lego Batman Movie Review

June 10, 2017

Captain Sean reviews the Lego Batman Movie: a comic book based super hero movie for the whole family. In the review, Captain Sean talks about the movie's comedy and how it surprisingly has a good story full of positive family values.


Andi Mack Episode 10: Home Away From Home Review | One of the Best Stories Yet

June 9, 2017

In the tenth episode of this series: Home Away From Home, we finally get a story that features some sense of resolution and really solid growth for the characters in a tale that's pretty simple and yet very much profound.


That’s So Raven - Series Review

June 4, 2017

Before watching "Raven's Home", here are my thoughts on the classic Disney Channel series: "That's So Raven". What was good? What was bad? How has this show forever impacted Disney Chanel since it premiered? Find out here!


Girl Meets World Season 4: What Might Have Been

June 3, 2017

With Michael Jacobs announcing that Girl Meets World will not be returning in any form for the foreseeable future, I have taken his notes from Twitter and past interviews, and have created an in depth speculation and analysis on what might have happened in the fourth season of Girl Meets World.


Andi Mack Episode 9: She’s Turning Into You Review | Why Bex Left When Andi Was Born

June 2, 2017

Andi Mack's ninth episode provides a satisfying story that delivers an interesting next step in the characters' journey that while may leave viewers with more questions than answers, still provides intriguing story material.