Top 10 Boy/Girl Meets World Crossovers With Other Shows

August 27, 2017

Today, I'll be looking at the TEN seperated occassions that Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World had crossovers with other sitcoms. Crossovers that include characters, stories, and extremely similar concepts jumping from one show to another. Get ready to enjoy a list that even the most hardcore Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World fan may learn something new from.


The Torkelsons - Series Review | From Boy/Girl Meets World Creator: Michael Jacobs

August 20, 2017

Today, Captain Sean gives a special in depth analysis on the classic 90's sitcom: The Torkelsons. A series that was developed by Boy/Girl Meets World creator: Michael Jacobs, and is actually the first sitcom produced by Walt Disney Television. How does the family show hold up to Boy/Girl Meets World, and how similar are they are? Find out in this very special retrospective now!


Matilda - Movie Review | My Lost Review

August 19, 2017

This is an old movie review of mine for the movie: Matilda, that I made way back. How way back? It was the SECOND review I EVER made. But upon not liking what my finished product looked like (and because Youtube rejected it at the time), I decided to keep it lost. Simply because I thought it was review of not the best quality. I felt like I was getting too off track at times discussing the themes in the movie rather than the story. But upon re-watching this review recently, I realized how I tied discussing the themes in this movie with the actual review of the plot in not such a bad way. So, I’m finally releasing this old review of mine. Now I have made some edits to the original review you’re about to see, but for the most part: I haven’t changed much. I honestly can’t say this is my best review, but it doesn’t need to be. Either enjoy this somewhat decent review of the movie: Matilda, or enjoy seeing what a professional critic in one of his earliest attempts at critiquing, really looks like.

Also, apologies in advance if the audio seems weird. I originally filmed this with a bunch of bits with me in front of the camera, but I replaced those bits with just pictures and clips from the movie since I thought that would make everything look better. And it does indeed LOOK better now, but it does make it sound a bit weird. I hope you all still enjoy anyway.


Ducktales (2017) Series Premiere Review

August 12, 2017

Captain Sean reviews the series premiere of Ducktales. Is it good, even if you haven't seen the old show? Find out here!


Top 10 Arrowverse Episodes

August 4, 2017

Today we delve into the top 10 greatest stories featuring the heroes of Arrowverse (Arrow, the Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow). These top 10 stories have been picked based on which episodes had the best stories, were the most memorable, and contained tales of super heroes being true super heroes.